My new repository of study notes

The study is one of the essential activities for research. Learning new things, related or not with my work, is one of my favorites activities. It could happen in the old style, threshing a textbook, or with the incredible Massive open online course (MOOCs) platforms available nowadays. For sure, share knowledge is always better than keep it just for yourself. Thinking this way, I decided to share some of my most relevant notes in my GitHub repository.

In past years, I have been keeping notes using the Markdown writing tool. Usually, I take my notes in a notebook to take advantage of the writing and its mechanical process. Then, I re-write it in my computer, using some cloud storage services to keep them easily accessible in all my devices. It’s a helpful strategy to review the contents and put them in my memory.

Now, you can found some of my studies in repository There are varied topics, like programming, math, sciences, learning and another random things.

I hope it can be useful!